Everyone was sleeping as If the Universe were a mistake

by Ohio Kid



Four years after the release of the first record "The Day when we discovered the light", for Collettivo HMCF, Ohio Kid returns the scene.
Italian, based Luxembourg, Ohio Kid draws an intimate folk, painted with intimate and dreamy atmospheres.

Recorded at Bonus Noise Recording Studio by Edwin Aldin, "Everyone was sleeping as if the Universe were a mistake" is out November 21st 2016, streaming and digital download on the main distribution platforms.

Ohio Kid's said about the record.
"It's harsh in the lyrics. It talks about a love that is over and the sense of lostness that comes after. It talks about rejecting our own memories because too painful, and at the same time embrace them because they built up our lives. It talks about how people around me constantly fluctuates in a latent sadness".

Autumn is here.


Ohio Kid is a boy and a girl holding their hands in a park. It's an old man's face with eyes shuttered by nordic wind. It's tears wetting the collar of your shirt after the hardest breakup, or after the immense joy of love.
Ohio Kid is staring at the people on the bus. To imagine their past, their lives. To disentangle their feeling, breaking them up into little pieces and reconstructing them in a different order and see no change.
It's us machines in a Machine. It's fear of missing out. Fear of loosing memories.
Ohio Kid is a constant effort to reminisce what's left behind.
It's the search for the spark of light in the darkest hour. It's trying to understand whether we make sense.
Ohio Kid is going back to sleep because the Universe is a mistake.

Ohio Kid is a guy with a guitar, singing about all this.

New record "Everyone was Sleeping as if the Universe were a Mistake" out Fall 2016 for Antilope Family.


released November 21, 2016


tags: folk Bologna


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Ohio Kid Bologna, Italy

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